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Hey, if find you like this place, by all means, bookmark it and check back when you can. You won't have to search for fanfics because I'll get the best ones here. ^_~ (Granted, this place is mainly for myself.)

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Here is the credit for every site I've borrowed fanfiction from, along with the authors.

Bulma Briefs [x]
Chiqlit [x]
dextrousleftie [x]
Heavenly Pearl [x]
Jo [x]
Kuroi Bara no Twilight [x]
Lady Poppy [x]
lithle [x]
Misato Jaganshi [x]
Moon Star [x]
RobbXmonXlover [x]
Sailor Josseme [x]
Sandy Youko [x]
Six Tailed Youko [x]
Sushigirl07 [x]
waterlilylf [x]

Version 1 of Sugar Stars was made to be simple and easy to navigate. I don't need a flashy layout for this place. I need a roomy, clean one where it's easy on the eyes to read.

The images are doujinshi from the now defunc Doujinshi They hosted tons of Yu Yu Hakusho yaoi doujinshi. Fortunately, I downloaded most before the site went down.

This layout was make with Paint Shop Pro 8 and Notepad. Easy as cake. :)

None of the authors here, including myself, own nor claim to any anime listed here, whether it is artwork, story, or that that's out of the way.... xD
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